3D work

I am doing 3D applied to Video Game. I use Zbrush for high polys and 3DS Max for the asset production. After unwrapping the UVs, I texture on Substance painter or Photoshop depending on the project. NDo and XNormal are also of great help.

On the engine side, I have experience in UE4, Unity and UDK 3.

Assets for next gen scene

David Sellier and I wanted to do a 3D scene for next gen in the forest to perfect our knowledge of the 3D pipeline.
I produced high and low poly in 3dsmax and used Substance painter for texturing.
Left: finished assets, 512k texture maps, average 500-1000 polys per assets
Right: High poly for WIP treking shoe asset

Very low poly 3D scene for mobile game

This scene of a Parisian cafe was made for the game Gourmet Quest during my internship at XIWEN Games in 2014. Targeted at mobile plateform, I used Blender for the modeling, Photoshop for texturing and Unity for integration and lighting.

Concept and modeling of a birthday cake for FarmVille2

FarmVille2 turned three in September! I designed a new cake for the event with Photoshop. Once approved, I changed the geometry of the previous year's cake and reworked the texture.

Characters modeling (color placeholder as texture)

About 5000polys per characters. I modeled the freak that the player controls and an enemy and the dog. The rigging is completed, animations are still pending as well as the textures. Render in 3dsMax

Detailed texturing process

Since the game Those Who Wander is in top view, the roof needed a detailed texture. 1 - Zbrush model 2 - Decimated version with textures 3 - Model of roof with seamless textures (planar) and decimated mesh on the border

Those Who Wander

Screenshot of the tutorial level: the abandoned village.

Those Who Wander

Screenshot of the level 2 of the prototype. e alarm has rang, the braseros caught fire, changing the mood to tension! Now the enemy will be aggressive toward the freak.

UE4 material : fabric changing color and cut depending on position

I love to explore the possibilities offered by the material editor of UE4. For this material, we needed to make modular market from a very limited number of mesh and textures. This material uses the actor position to pick one of the 8 fabric cut alpha (front border) and 2 colors for the stripes. The fabric texture and pattern and tiling can be changed through instance. To fit the soft washed away colors of the universe, the position values are clamped within a short range.

Market scene

Market assets placed in UE4 editor for a mood research.

Volff I Characters

Character design, model and animations created in less than a week for the video game Vollf I (read more) 3Ds max, Photoshop

Narwhal in XIVth century merchant clothes

Character design assignment. Imagine an animal with human characteristics and a back story. This one is part of an infiltration organisation. Set around the XIVth century, This Narwhal he is disguised as a merchant. 2000 polygons models made on 3DS max, normal map on Zbrush, texture on Photoshop.

Character Turnaround

This model was my first experience on Zbrush. We had to do a character design and model the concept. I created Kannika, the main character of The Odd Story of Balmorall (read more)