Anna Parmentier

I am a Video game UI/UX Designer, welcome to my portfolio!

Concept Art

Little Log Workshop for FarmVille2

Thanksgiving themed decoration, asset released in november 2015
• Step 1: References collection. • Step 2: Preliminary sketches. • Step 3: Clean line of the chosen design. • Step 4: Color blocking. • Step 5: Detailing. • Step 6: Building stages. • Step 7: Icons, export and submission.

Chocolate crafting building for FarmVille2

Building designed for My Gourmet Farm extention.
Technical requirements:
• Show the crafting process • Include space/accessories for crafting animation • 3 cooking stations with 4 stages each (locked, cooking station available, cooking in progress, ready for harvest) - Footprint as little as possible - Materials and look consistent with FV2 art style yet forming a new coherent design specific to My Gourmet Farm

Winery for FarmVille2

Produce your own wine, reconnect with the traditional craft in My Gourmet Farm.

Concept for next gen scene

David Sellier and I wanted to do a 3D scene for next gen in the forest to perfect our knowledge of the 3D pipeline. I made this concept as a guideline of the mood we were looking for.
A. Very quick mood color sketch
B. Sketching and color bloking of the major assets according to the perspective grid.

Character design and mood for Those Who Wander

Once the main character was sketched, I created a more detailed and developed environment that suits him and the game.

Mood concept for Those who wander

After the universe for TWW was put on paper, I made concept thumbnails, pushed some further into illustrations, using photo bashing to fast render the mood and feel of the game.

Gameview concept Those Who Wander

This concept use as base the white boxing of our very first build. Since the game is in top view, this concept was the occasion to think how to use that very specific perspective to convey the mood, think the overall colors of the game and the shapes of the props. This comes after a lot of individual black and white sketches of props, at last colored and unified into a concept that guides us in our vision of the game.

Enemy for Those Who Wander

After deciding on a general idea, I sketch a lot. Once a few drawings seem to really work, I do a more precise render that will guide me for the 3D modeling.


Series of scenes for an ongoing environment project. 2016

Salvation's Winter building researches

For an alternative universe on the island of Sakhalin, where the Russian and Japanese culture would have merged and then be devastated. The game was to be in top down view.

Animal planes

Experimentation around bird/insects/planes shapes, using a 3D base rendered in Keyshot and painted over with photoshop.

The Odd Story Of Balmoral

Universe research concept. I most of the time work with small thumbnails, I then place my perspective line before detailing and then add details with a mix of photos and handpainting.